Your Licence is an important document. It comes directly from Japan. It will carry your training record and will be necessary when you attend courses and grading examinations. Please take special care of it. Keep it clean and in a safe place. This is why when you first register you receive a temporary licence, but after the first grading you should receive yout full licence froa Japan. (Shown below).

As is normal with Japanese documents it should be read from the back page to the front. Opening from the back and moving in one page we can see the “Ryushin Kun”, and the practitioners personal details. The “Ryushin Kun” translation can be seen by clicking here.

The next pair of pages show the rules of training on the right, with the grading record on the left.

Kyoshi kokoroe (Fistmanship) and the rules of training.

The objective of Reiwaryu Karatedo is the development and perfection of one’s personality through mind and body training. Members must obey the following rules:

  1. Try to forget your fears and worries and train enthusiastically without any negative thoughts.
  2. Respect your teachers and your seniors, train your mind and body, and appreciate the organisation.
  3. Don’t be ruled by your emotions, and act in accordance with the truth.
  4. Develop your own ethics based on the martial ethics of “bu”.
  5. Develop a strong mind with which you can overcome hardships, temptations, and your own weaknesses.
  6. Never forget what it is like to be a beginner, and have a continual spirit of searching for the way of karate.
  7. Keep your finger and toenails short.
  8. The organisation does not take responsibility for any accident due to the fault of the student.

The next five sides show the record of membership fees paid, however we do not use this method of recording payments in this branch of the school.

The next page shows a message to young people.

Message to young people.

Do not run away from hard training.
Hard training is necessary to learn karatedo.
Although karate is enjoyable, you must train seriously.
You can only develop your character by struggling against your limitations.
The way of karatedo is hard, deep, and long.
That is why there is the way of karatedo by which a young person who is faithful
to the truth and lives in a moral way will develop his personality.

The last page lists the belt colours according to their grades: