Change in Covid 19 Restrictions, effective from 6th October 2021

Following the Senior Committee meeting, it has been decided to lift Covid restrictions at the following Dojos:-

What does this mean for those Dojos?

  1. We will no longer be sending out invitations for those classes
  2. Providing you meet the age / grade restrictions for those classes, you can just arrive without pre-booking
  3. You will still be required to sign in, but not sign out
  4. Where possible, registers will be pre-printed with names to enable faster sign in
  5. We will be returning to full training which will include (but not be limited to):-
    1. Person to person contact for Kumite and pair work
    2. Kiais in class (although not during close pair work)
    3. Bag work and focus pads (we will keep equipment sharing to a minimum)
  6. Note that by signing the register, you are confirming that you are adhering to our current Covid policy, meaning that you are showing no symptoms of Covid 19, and you, or anyone in your household, have not been asked to isolate.

What if I would like to train in class, but still want to social distance and not make contact?

  1. Instructors will check at the beginning of the session with all students regarding any concerns around contact
  2. Any student who does not want to make contact should make their instructor aware of this
  3. Note that we will not force any student to make contact if they are not comfortable to do so

Wednesday & Sunday Dojos

The following dojos will be invitation only:-


This means students will need to be invited to the session, and will need to confirm their acceptance in order to attend.  Covid restrictions will still be enforced in full at those sessions.

 We’re looking forward to training with you all!

 See you in the Dojo,

 Kyoshi Piero Barba and the Senior Committee Team