Registration & Fees

The Reiwaryu Ryushinkan Karatedo Renmei is a non profit making organistaion. Unlike most other Karate Schools we offer a once only registration fee and at this time we do not require an annual membership fee.

To complete the life registration with the school, each student must undertake the following:

  1. Carefully read, and sign to accept the school Conditions of Training.
  2. Complete the registration card.
  3. Provide two passport photographs.
  4. Pay the registration fee of £20.00

The first lesson will be complimentary after which students will be expected to pay normal training fees monthly in advance.

Diddy Deshi (5-7 years) = £18.00
Juniors (8-17 years) = £18.00
Seniors (17+ years) = £28.00

If you want an easier way to pay your fees please ask your Instructor about getting a standing order form. It is a very quick, easy and direct way of paying your fees.

This monthly fee entitles students to train not only at their own dojo but with permission from their Instructor also train at other numerous Dojos throughout the district at no extra cost.