Instructor Training

Teaching within Reiwaryu Ryushinkan School Of Karate-Do is something the school takes very seriously. This is why we continue to develop and maintain the very high standards the school is known for. Our aim is to allow individual students attending the school to develop as a whole both physically and mentally.

We believe that students should strive for and be encourage to explore both the physical and psychological challenges within the dojo in a friendly and safe, supportive environment.

In the past strict discipline and sometimes punishment was used to ensure that karate students complied with the teachers instructions. However, whilst students are expected to maintain the very highest standards of discipline we have learned through experience that this is unnecessary and indeed inappropriate. The role of teachers within our school is to act as good role models using techniques of motivation, setting both achievable goals and challenges which allow students to develop according to their individual needs and abilities, regardless of their gender, background or beliefs. All students of the school are treated as equal.

As students develop through the grades they will have an opportunity to increase their confidence by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with others. For example they may be asked to takes warmup/warm-down sessions or even lead classes with basic techniques. This provides a challenge and the opportunity for them to exhibit their understanding of the syllabus and improve on their confidence levels.

Once they have achieved the grade of Shodan (1st Degree black belt) they will of course be able to stand in front of the class and lead a session. However, this is not enough to undertake the role of the Sensei (teacher) within this school. In order to take on this role they must also be able to demonstrate a much deeper understanding. This is why we have developed a thorough teacher training program. All those wishing to be involved in the teaching role must have achieved the grade of Ni dan (2nd Degree black belt). must have training at this grade for at least two years and have attended the Teacher Training Program. After which they will be monitored under the supervision of a senior teacher. If after this period they are successful, candidates will be issued with a Instructors Teaching Certificate with will last for three years when they may apply for renewal.

The Teacher Training Program will include the following aspects -Teaching Methods for Adults and Children, Heath & Safety, Organisational Skills, The Law, Stages Of Child Development, Administration and Emergency Reporting Procedures. Not only does the student need to have undertaken the program but must also demonstrate through their manner and their attitude that they share the philosophy of the school which promotes the development of peace within the community.