Diddy Deshi

Diddy Deshi is a fantastic way to introduce Children under 8 years to Karate-Do.

Traditionally, young children were not taught Karate-Do because of the extreme physical demands and high levels of concentration involved in the training. However, we have now amended our teaching programme to cater for this age group. We believe that with appropriate guidance from well-qualified teachers, excellent benefits are to be gained.

Children attending our classes enter a safe and friendly environment where teachers are not only sensitive, qualified and vetted (with DBS Certification – Police Checked). The aim of our Diddy Deshi classes is to provide a smooth, confident transition for children wishing to join our junior level sessions.

Diddy Deshi start at 5 years – 7 years (children aged 4 years can be accepted at the teacher’s discretion).

For Dojos running Diddy Deshi Classes CLICK HERE.