Black Belt

Dan Grade (Black Belt) training – developing a higher perspective of Karate-Do.

There is no fast track route to Dan grade in our school. Shodan (1st Dan) normally takes between 5-10 years and is only awarded to 15 years + students. With this grade comes responsibility in all aspects of your life; honour, respect and self discipline to name a few principles we consider very important in all our Dan grade practitioners.

All students aiming for this level are helped and guided carefully to achieve their goal. The school is a non profit organisation, which means all instructors can focus on the development of students and not be distracted by the need to financially benefit from the classes.

Achieving Dan grade is a very demanding and rewarding experience, that will become one of the most memorable moments of your life. To be promoted to this level means demonstrating not only a proficient ability of traditional Karate-Do techniques but also to show an understanding of the essence of Karate-Do practice. Once a student has progressed to this stage they get the chance to develop Kobudo (weapons) skills. Weapons include; Bo, Tonfa, Nunchuku, Jo and Sai. The opportunity to train and compete in Japan at the school’s head quarters is also open to students of this grade.

For Dojos running Dan Grade Classes CLICK HERE.