RRK UK Structure

Reiwaryu Ryushinkan Karatedo UK has been dedicated to it’s philosophy for over 25 years, the core philosophy being one of self development towards its members, instructors and the organisation itself. This is why it has been so successful for so many years.Our development is demonstrated by way of it’s ever increasing numbers, and the fantastic feed back from new members, parents of younger students and even past students. The school has enabled many Dan grades to progress to very high standards, showing good technique, commitment and a deep understanding of our philosophy. As a result of this the school is now ready to move forward to another level enabling us to meet the needs of more modern times.

Kyoshi Peter Connolly and Kyoshi Rhys Williams have been working with the senior committee to embrace change within the organisation and to build a new structure for a positive future. The information below will help you understand how we wish to progress in terms of leadership, administration and our partnership with Japan.

Restructure 2011
Kyoshi Peter Connolly and Kyoshi Rhys Williams

This new structure has evolved over the last year whilst taken into account the contributions, comments and suggestion made by all the senior members that have supported the school over many years.We know that the new structure will have the support of all instructors, senior grades and supporters. You already make an enormous contribution and this new structure will continue to allow you and the school to be successful of years to come.

So Why Change?
As we develop as individual karate ka so we must develop as an organisation. We must continue to develop in strength and make changes in order to facilitate new ways of both training and in the way we operate as a karate school. A Fresh Approach!

The Aim
To restructure the school to meet the needs of both changing times and the needs of the new younger student groups.

So How Will This Be Achieved?
It will be transformed in 3 Phases:
1. New Leadership
2. New Administration Systems
3. New partnerships

Phase 1 – Leadership

Senior Committeeseniorcomittee








The New Leadership RolesLeadershipRoles








Phase 2 – Administration

We will streamline our administration systems with respect to registration, grading, payment systems and equipment.

This will:

  • Minimise the amount of time processing information.
  • Speed up the awarding of licences and certification.
  • Reduce costs.

Phase 3 – Partnership

To continue to develop our relationship between Europe and Japan, we will establish:
A Student Exchange Partnership.

This partnership would facilitate home stay visits between students and teachers from both Japan and Europe.

Elders of the school recognise the need to adopt a modern approach whilst still retaining the core values and philosophy. Therefore, they will take a less active role in leading the training. However, they will still retain their roles as guides and mentors.

We know you will continue to support the school and look forward to the year 2011.