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October Grading 2016

Sunday 16th October 2016 at the Triangle Olympus Leisure Centre, Triangle Way, Burgess Hill, RH15 8WA


Juniors and Seniors 12.45pm (start at 1pm)
Diddy Deshi 2.45pm (start at 3pm)
Grading finishes at 5pm

For all students being put forward for promotion you will be given a grading form by your Sensei.


Etiquette and Attitude for the grading
1. Be clean.
2. Have a clean karate suit (Gi) and sparring kit
3. Wear no jewellery or watches. • If you have a ring that you can’t remove, then put tape round it.
4. Long hair must be tied back.
5. Finger and toe nails must be cut short.
6. Any clothing should be soft (i.e. have no pins or pointed catches).7. Have the correct attitude i.e. awareness, concentration, intention to give 100%effort.
8. Don’t be late (if you are late, kneel at the back of the dojo until you are told to start).