Piero Barba Kyoshi appointed UK leader

I was very honoured to be put forward by the Founder Kyoshi Peter Connolly and retired Honbu Cho Kyoshi Rhys Williams for Roku Dan (6th Dan) and very proud to be appointed UK leader of the school.

I have been part of this school for 35 years dedicating my time to develop my understanding of the true philosophy of what we do and how we do it. I have been very fortunate to have my sensei and seniors to guide me into this position with the right ethics and understanding. I have been teaching for 22 years and have sat on the senior committee for the last 6 years dedicating any spare time I have outside my family life and running a business to the Karatedo practice that I love.

The school has seen over 1000 students pass through it’s doors and currently has around 130 active members. I am very grateful to belong to a fantastic school and be part of a group of respectful and honourable people.

The future of this school will always be positive because it comes from the strong roots that Kyoshi Peter created. If we train with a pure heart full of enjoyment and positive energy we will see another 1000 students pass through the doors.

Myself and the new senior committee members, consisting of Tina Emerson Renshi, Tim Emerson Renshi, Caroline Gibbs Renshi and Jason Marle Renshi will drive the school forward. We will see some new things happening and we will have some fun times ahead.

I will leave you with a personal message to me, from someone very dear to me that I feel sums up the school perfectly.

“Dear Piero,
In all the thirty years I have known you I have seen you grow from a strong self-assured teenager into a thoughtful compassionate and understanding man and I think you will fulfil your mission in Japan with great success. What this school has taught me is never to look for the easy way out, quite the opposite, because that is the only way to develop to full potential. So my thoughts are with you on your journey of self-discovery.
With love and best wishes”

Carla Jenkins